Diplo Explains to CNN How He Escaped the ‘Burning Man’ Disaster

After a heavy rainstorm drenched the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert, stranding over 70,000 attendees, DJ and producer Diplo embarked on an epic trek through the mud-saturated desert. With the assistance of star-studded companions, a generous fan named Tony, and a group of “hippies” with a Sprinter van, Diplo managed to reach his concert in Washington, DC, Saturday night.

Black Rock City festival organizers had halted all vehicular movement due to the relentless rain that had turned the desert into ankle-deep mud. Attendees were advised to stay put, conserve their supplies of food, water, and fuel, and await further instructions.

Diplo shed light on the challenging situation, stating, “Getting a car out of there is nearly impossible when it’s muddy. You’re bound to get stuck, and a gridlock of vehicles on the playa would cause significant traffic problems during the eventual exodus of festival-goers.” Consequently, Diplo and a group of celebrity companions, including Chris Rock, Cindy Crawford, Kaia Gerber, and Austin Butler, made the bold decision to leave the area on foot Saturday morning.