Dillon Danis Takes Down Devon Levesque’s Girlfriend

Dillon Danis must call Conor McGregor daily, thanking him for almost giving him a career.

Dillon has trained with Conor and was able to make cameos in his videos. Dillon is a reputable grappler with a 2-0 MMA career in Bellator but hasn’t fought in years.

Instead, he has used his energy to talk trash on Twitter to other fighters and celebrities.

Besides coming from money and having a hot mom, Danis has allegedly hooked up with a famous fitness influencer Devon Levesque’s girlfriend. Levesque became popular for doing absurd workouts that most trainers would never recommend and bear crawling the NYC marathon. He is known to “get around” himself.

But Danis targeted Levesque’s girlfriend as he knew it would piss people off. Based on social media, Levesque and his girlfriend are still together. They have made a business by bringing feminine dudes around the country to make a retreat at his house for a weekend of workouts, pickleball, and more.

On the other hand, Danis continues to talk trash at people like KSI, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, and more, looking for clout. This isn’t the first time Danis has made a weird move, as he is known for trying to DM girls who are in relationships.

Danis is currently trying to have a momma threesome with Lisa Hochstein and Larsa Pippen. Homey is #savage.

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