Democrats Vote Unanimously to Allow Illegal Aliens to Vote

With a rallying cry of “They can’t win if they don’t cheat,” Gateway Pundit calls out House Judiciary Committee Democrats who voted unanimously to let non-citizens vote.

But is it real?

The website shared an embedded tweet from the House Judiciary GOP, which appears to say, “to permit any non-citizens to vote in a federal election.”

But the line above it reads, “Nothing in this section may be construed – ” which means that no one should interpret it to “permit any non-citizens to vote in a federal election.”

It’s an understandably hot-button topic in yet another election cycle when immigration and illegal immigration have taken the forefront, thanks to stunts like Florida Gov Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov Greg Abbott.

But it’s not as big of an issue as many would have us believe. After all, legal non-citizens are allowed to vote in local elections in many places in the United States already, and the category of people this refers to have to live in the United States and pay taxes – but they don’t receive tax benefits like the rest of us.

While the idea of non-citizens voting is disturbing, lying about what the amendment means is doubly so.


  • Sorry but I was born in America 🇺🇸 that should give me a little bit more love than our neighbors just hoping in and out as they please. Not trying to sound mean but if you aren’t born here or get your citizenship the proper way you shouldn’t be able to vote.

  • This is insanity! Now you know why they opened the borders and are letting all these illegals in. They are going to try cheat another election like this.

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