Democrats Took a Huge Gamble in Midterm Primaries, and It’s Paying Off Big Time

Usually, the incumbent party in the White House faces a significant loss in midterms.

It’s pretty much tradition by now.

Given that, Democrats had an extraordinary midterm performance even if they ended up losing the majority in one or both chambers of Congress.

And it all comes down to an incredible risk strategy they deployed ahead of midterm primaries.

Democrats gambled by telling dem voters to switch their party registration to Republican and vote in Republican primaries. They urged them to support extremist candidates that Democrat strategists thought would be easier to beat in the midterm elections. Democrats also spent millions elevating election-denying candidates and extremists they thought would be unpalatable to general voters.

When it came time for the midterms, Democrats had all their eggs in the basket, hoping that people would reject the extremism rather than vote for the people they thought too hot to handle.

And it worked.

All eight Democratic candidates up against Republican extremists who received funding from Democrat strategists were projected to win their races as of Wednesday morning.

It could be the path forward for Dems in 2024.