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Democrats Lose Hope in Florida: 'It's Going to Be Ugly' - Factz


Democrats Lose Hope in Florida: ‘It’s Going to Be Ugly’

Once upon a time, Florida was considered a very purple swing state.

Like Ohio, Florida received neverending visits from politicians and support from political groups looking to swing the southern state in their direction.

But now, no one comes calling anymore – Florida’s courters have moved on to more purple pastures.

Politico this week broke the news that Democrats are abandoning their causes in Florida, considering it too far red now to win back. With the advent of the wildly popular Ron DeSantis, conservatives have flocked to the once-retirement state, and it’s becoming a red haven.

Florida Democrats are bracing for a tough midterm election. If people in the know are giving up on pouring money into Florida now, it could have dire implications for the 2024 presidential election.

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Mr. SmartyPants
Mr. SmartyPants
4 months ago

It’s amazing how stupid Florida has become!