Democrats Didn’t Lose Terribly, Republicans Didn’t Sweep, and Biden and Trump Lost Big in Midterms

It was an odd night which proves FACTZ’s Purple theory. America wants a middle ground based on data.

Usually, the incumbent party (the one whose President is in the White House) will suffer significant losses in midterm elections.

This is how it’s gone for decades.

But that didn’t happen last night. Last night, in fact, saw Democrats overperforming in most states – except Florida, Texas and Ohio – and Republicans underperforming concerningly across just as many.

One Fox News anchor said, “This is an absolute disaster for the Republican party.”

But if the Republicans walk away with control of Congress (and they may, it’s hard to say right now) – how can it be so bad?

Because they should have walked away with it by a much larger margin.

It wasn’t a repudiation of Biden. It wasn’t an endorsement of Trump – in fact, it was a scolding from the American voter that they want a return to “politics as usual” and reject extremism.

It’s an important message ahead of the 2024 election cycle.

And it comes down to the fact that Trump, once thought the only key to Republican victory, maybe a dead weight around the neck of red candidates.

Many of his endorsed candidates lost, and his potential 2024 rival, Ron DeSantis, swept the state with huge victories.

It was not the night Trump hoped for, even if Republicans walked away with Congressional control.


  • @cobrakai you should make a list of all the democrats who lost who said they would have certified the election.

  • Reality is I could care less about Trump. I want to know how Gavin surpassed a recall and then was re-elected. Also how did a man who can barely put two sentences together win as well a dead candidate in Pennsylvania. Riddle me that? Anyone that doesn’t believe election fraud is real is beyond delusional.

  • Maga is bad for republicans. It wasn’t a winning path for 2020 or 2022 and hurts republicans significantly in 2024. The sooner the Republican party realizes this the better off the country will be.
    I believed it in 2020 and it’s more clear in 2022. Keep supporting Trump though please. I hope he wins the nom for 2024. Nov. 15 will be a big day.

    • Your cherry picking of a non issue to voters is just plain stupid. I dont deny that Trump hurt republicans in the mid term, but to point out a non issue and try to make it seem like that was the deciding issue is classic cassism. Perhaps voters realized trump caused inflation, trump got scotus to stop them from conveniently killing their babies, and trump’s endorsement alone hurt chances. also, dr oz is a fuckin idiot so no surprise he lost.

    • We finally agree. I want what is best for this country and honestly I don’t think trump is it. Although I like his policies and what he could do for this country it’s not the answer. I want a country that is not starting to resemble a third world country.

        • FYI I have never been a Trumpie and never would be. So don’t go making ASSumptions just beciase someone says something you don’t agree with. Have I called you a mask wearing bleeding heart liberal?

  • I don’t see much difference between Trump and Desantis policy. Not sure he’s the “moderate” Republicans need to win in 2024.

    Trump might be too polarizing to ever win anything again. Great President, great leader. But maybe the drama created by the left is winning.

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