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Deaths Mount in Iran Protests as State Cracks Down on Wave of Fury in Wake of Mahsa Amini's Murder - Factz


Deaths Mount in Iran Protests as State Cracks Down on Wave of Fury in Wake of Mahsa Amini’s Murder

Three weeks of protests in Iran have shown the depth of the rage of the Iranian people. Week four begins tomorrow.

When 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian Mahsa Amini was murdered at the hands of Iran’s morality police, it lit a bonfire of fury and frustration under the oppressive religious extremist regime.

Young people poured into the streets by the scores, with women leading the charge – burning hijabs and cutting their hair in defiance of the country’s strict dress code.

Since then, at least 133 protesters have been killed (with some estimates significantly higher), and dozens of journalists have been arrested.

Global concern is growing as evidence spreads of the brutal tactics being used by state police to discourage protests.

At least one 16-year-old girl’s death at the hands of state police has protesters furious all over again. Young Nika Shakarami has become the new face of protests after police claim she died in a fall, but neither her family nor protesters believe them. She texted a friend that she was joining the protests – and never made it home alive.

Police tried to say Amini died from an underlying health condition – and nobody appears to believe that convenient lie either.

It’s unclear how things will wrap up in Iran, but protesters don’t seem to be done any time soon – even with the threat of death looming.

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Miami Native
Miami Native
5 months ago

Nothing is going to change. They have no leader on the freedom side.

5 months ago
Reply to  Miami Native

Yeah they need a Newsom type to fight for them.

5 months ago

This is why you don’t let your country take your weapons.

5 months ago
Reply to  NuclearWintour

They can’t have weapons. There would be more murders than Chicago.

5 months ago

A protest the world should get behind.

5 months ago

Iran is on its own island. They always have been and it only helps the current regime. People care more about Ukraine than Iran.