Dave Portnoy’s Racism Issue at Barstool

Eric Hubbs, better known as Hubbs to the Barstool fans (Stoolies), has old racist tweets. According to Hubbs, he tweeted racist remarks when he was a teenager.

On October 22, Hubbs tweeted, “Last night, people posted decade-old tweets from when I was an idiot teenager. They have long since been deleted and addressed. I’m incredibly sorry. They’ll never look good, and I’ll regret it forever.”

The old tweets came out after he got into a live stream fight with a colleague at work who happens to be African American. A Barstool fan found Hubbs’s old tweets and posted them on Reddit, where they started gaining attention within the fan base.

Here are some screenshots of the old tweets:

FACTZ has learned that Hubbs sent an email throughout the company apologizing for his remarks. As of now, Hubbs remains with the company, and David Portnoy nor Erika Nardini have addressed it. Interestingly, a Stoolie sent the tweets to Nardini, the CEO of Barstool Sports, back in 2017, which was never discussed.

Some Barstool employees think if Penn Entertainment completely owned the company, Hubbs would be fired. Some are surprised that he has been with the company for so long when Nardini was aware of the tweets.

FACTZ has also learned that the company has hired a “Crisis PR” team to help handle some of the situations they have had lately, such as the Portnoy videos and now this. Portnoy, usually brutally honest, has not addressed this situation, and the story is gaining more traction.


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