Dave Portnoy Tells FACTZ He Wasted $650,000 on a Horse

As crazy as the last couple weeks have been for the Barstool Sports boss, Dave Portnoy, he still made time for his favorite app/ website FACTZ.com (like a Gentleman). Portnoy loves us more than a fat kid loves Ozempic.

Dave dropped the following exclusive FACTZ:

  • Pizza Fest will be massive – “The best pizza ever been assembled under one roof in the history of mankind.”
  • A good pizza should cost $20 to $25. But the issue isn’t really the price. It’s waiting in line for an hour just for pizza.
  • Frank the Tank (King of New York) is definitely getting girls because everyone is asking, it’s the law of attraction.
  • Charles Barkley is the coolest contact in Portnoy’s phone.
  • Tucker Carlson creates content that’s great.
  • Kmarco is still on the payroll, but nobody can find him (day to day).
  • Layoffs are a wake-up call.
  • Briana Chickenfry is the biggest star in the Barstool talent history.
  • Alex Bennett’s personal relationship is on her, Portnoy doesn’t care. She is fired anyway.
  • The best NYC experience is the U.S. Open tennis.
  • The New York JETS stink, and Aaron Rodgers is a bum living off the NYC life. Portnoy doubts he even practices. RIP Rodgers’s NFL season in the twilight of his career. Portnoy does not see him turning it around.
  • Racehorse Wondergirl Carly was the biggest waste of money in Portnoy’s life. He burned $650,000!