Cybersecurity Issue Disrupts Operations at MGM Resorts in Las Vegas

FACTZ can confirm that MGM Resorts in Las Vegas experienced a computer system outage early Monday morning that impacted operations on their properties and the company’s websites.

A concierge at the Bellagio Las Vegas stated that the computer systems at the resorts were down, leading to all computer-based operations being handled manually. Furthermore, the outage affected credit card machines on the properties.

Website operations were also disrupted, preventing users from reserving hotel rooms or purchasing experiences. The MGM Resorts website redirected users to call phone numbers for hotel reservations or to speak with a concierge.

MGM Resorts issued a statement to FOX5, acknowledging a “cybersecurity issue” that affected some of its systems:

“MGM Resorts recently identified a cybersecurity issue affecting some of the Company’s systems. Promptly after detecting the issue, we quickly began an investigation with assistance from leading external cybersecurity experts. We also notified law enforcement and took prompt action to protect our systems and data, including shutting down certain systems. Our investigation is ongoing, and we are working diligently to determine the nature and scope of the matter.”

We are not blaming George Clooney at this time.