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CryptoPunk 2924 Flips Middle Finger to Bear Market, Selling for $4.5M in ETH - Factz


CryptoPunk 2924 Flips Middle Finger to Bear Market, Selling for $4.5M in ETH

Recently, it’s become abundantly clear that parts of the stock market are slowing to a crawl.

But one piece of crypto art defied the bear market trends by selling for the fourth-highest-ever sale of an NFT.

NFT producers have worried at the signs of an impending bear market as people begin to contract spending from growth to need, but the sale of CryptoPunk NFT 2924 is giving hope across the crypto world.

Sold by NFT collector speed phrase, CryptoPunk 2924 went for 3,300 ETH, which translates to about $4.5M. This makes it one of the highest NFT sales since February 2022, when Punk 8522 sold for 8,000 ETH ($24M).

This comes after the March 2022 purchase of CryptoPunks from Larva Labs by none other than Bored Apes Yacht Club’s Yuga Labs.

CryptoPunk NFTs were king until the BYAC crowd challenged them for supremacy, and the sale amidst the economic downturn could be the start of a resurgence for the OG NFTs.

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5 months ago

Crazy to see this still happening & showing crypto is alive.

5 months ago

NFT is dead. It’s only the super wealthy who are bored buying now.

5 months ago

IMO NFT s are probably the stupidest scheme I have seen since Bernie Madoff. Good luck fools. Try working for a living

Maple 🍁
Maple 🍁
5 months ago
Reply to  IronMan

Nobody works for a living. Covid forced everyone to work from home now nobody takes showers. Well at least in Toronto lol

5 months ago

Tell you non working friends hygiene is extremely important