Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Last Manchester United Cleats to Spencer Morgan

It’s time for Cristiano Ronaldo to hang up his cleats at Manchester United.

And he’s hanging those cleats right in the closet of Piers Morgan’s son, Spencer Morgan.

Morgan shared an image of himself holding the coveted cleats with the caption, “Christmas came early this year. Thank you, @cristiano, for the boots you banged your final Man United goals in. Now let’s find you a new club.”

And where precisely that new club will be is a matter of rampant speculation in the football world.

While Ronaldo’s on-field skills used to do the talking for him, his recent performances have been lackluster, which leaves fans more time to focus on his off-field talking. And that certainly isn’t setting him up for a future full of opportunities.

Ronaldo will likely not return to Premier League when he returns from his fifth World Cup in Qatar with Portugal.

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo accused Man U of “betrayal” as he burns the bridges behind him on his way to whatever comes next.

Ronaldo is still an extraordinary player, and he still has options – to be precise – but he’s acting like a man who doesn’t want them, which is the baffling part of it all. He’s an expensive trade for any team and approaching 40, so he may choose to retire altogether. But the way Ronaldo speaks about his time with Man U, he’s not quite there yet.

Qatar is Ronaldo’s chance to show off and sell himself to the next team – if he can do his talking on the field and keep his turmoil off-field to a dull roar, anyway.

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