Connor McGregor Tells FACTZ He Wants to Fight Nate Diaz to Complete the “Trilogy”

FACTZ caught up with our dear friend Connor McGregor after the New York Rangers hockey game to get the 411 on his life this year. Like a gentleman, he was mobbed at Madison Square Garden after the win.




McGregor gave us the following fun FACTZ:

  • Connor loves being back in the City and enjoyed his visit back to Madison Square Garden.
  • The Irishman will be in Savannah, Georgia for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Connor wants to get away from acting and refocus back on fighting.
  • Connor really enjoyed his experience on the Ultimate Fighter reality TV show.
  • Connor says his co-star Jake Gyllenhaal is a “great man” and was “very patient” with him while filming the Road House movie remake.

Finally, we asked Connor who his best opponent was, he tells FACTZ, “[Nate] Diaz was a tough cat. I look forward to completing that trilogy against Nate.”

Yup, Nate Diaz is the man Connor McGregor wants in the octagon next. Let’s go!!!


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