Confirmed: Steiny Was Ditched in Israel by the NELK Team

The Full Send Podcast did an ‘Internal’ recap of their Tel Aviv, Israel trip.

For context, Aaron Steinberg, who goes by Steiny, planned the Nelk Boys’ adventure. FACTZ has learned that there has been an unlying tension between Steiny and Gabe Poncio (Kyle Forgeard’s gay assistant). As you can see in the clip above, Steiny is still hungover in the Matrix.

What we can confirm is that Kyle Forgeard and his assistant Gabe ditched Steiny in Isreal on purpose. We are told, “They were jealous that Steiny had such a good time on the trip and was constantly ditching them to look for ladies. This was payback.”

So yes, Steiny was right. This was a calculated attack.