Confirmed: Anitta Is Still in Her 20’s

FACTZ confirmed Larissa de Macedo Machado, better known as Anitta, is authentically 29 years old. No joke. The rumors of the mid-’40s are not valid.

FACTZ obtained birth documentation to put an end to Age-Gate. Anitta was indeed born in 1993.

Anitta, an international icon, has finally crossed over into American hearts thanks to the Shahidi brothers, who introduced her to the United States.

The fascinating part is that she was in her young 20s when she met the brothers, and once she burst onto the scene, she decided to terminate their management.

It looks like it worked out for both parties, as Anitta is Whitney Houston-level famous now, and the Shahidi Bros. (John and Sammy) make NELK money.


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