Climate Protesters Who Glued Themselves to a Porsche Museum Find Themselves in Need of Potty Breaks

The newest fad in climate change protest is to attach oneself to something expensive, either via chains, ropes, or super glue.

The message is that whatever priceless object the protesters are attached to that, people care about. It’s not as priceless as the planet we live on, which is currently going down the crapper fast.

Recent protests have included a NASA climate scientist chaining himself to a building and young protestors tossing a can of sauce on a priceless VanGogh painting.

But things went a little wrong in an embarrassing way for some protestors who thought to attach themselves to the Volkswagen Autostadt museum in Wolfsburg. However, instead of following the typical script of calling the police and engaging in a back-and-forth with protesters, the Volkswagen staff simply turned off the light and heat and closed the pavilion for the day. They then went home.

Protesters eventually complained that they “pleaded for medical treatment because their hands were sore and moaned that they couldn’t go to the toilet,” according to Express.

Protesters say that staff refused to provide them a vessel to use the bathroom in, and they were unable to order food.

Police arrived the next morning to arrest everyone, charging them with trespassing, coercion, and property damage.

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  • Straight death penalty. Short trial, no spectators, verdict and execution in 30 days, no appeals. This is what we do to terrorists.

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