CJ So Cool Tells FACTZ Podcast Host Nik Richie About his Terrifying Home Invasion

In the newest episode of the FACTZ podcast, Nik Richie speaks with influencer and YouTube star Cordero James Brady aka CJ So Cool about surviving a violent home invasion back in January. During the invasion, he was shot.

Since then, two adults and three minors have been arrested in what the YouTuber now knows was a multi-home crime spree.

CJ explains, “I was sleeping,” on the top of three levels. The house was designed to be sound-proof, which sounds like a nice feature – until no one hears your house being broken into, and you can’t hear what’s going on outside.

CJ So Cool was alone at the time, and his daughter had just left a few days prior. His girlfriend Lexi was also not present.

He recounts how two people entered his room, and they both shot him. “They broke into the house, and they were so quiet because I didn’t have an alarm, that’s my own fault.” He explained that he was lulled into a false sense of security by living in a gated community.

Nik and CJ discuss the fact that several of the people who broke into the house were kids – and the leader of the crime group was a female, which is statistically unusual. When he spoke to the District Attorney, CJ found out that there were 5 other victims as well, and it was not a random series of victims – the criminals did research. CJ was the only homeowner who was shot, but others were brutally beaten, strangled, and pushed underwater.

CJ explains that when the two people broke into his room, he jumped out of bed and everyone froze. He knocked their guns down instinctively, and recalls that the invaders were shaking. As soon as he pushed the guns down, they started shooting.

The YouTuber was able to get a gun and start firing at the invaders, and they fled – dropping a cell phone and book bag in the process.

CJ tells Richie the rest of his harrowing experience, and it has to be heard to be appreciated.

New FACTZ podcast episodes drop every Monday and Thursday at 3PM PST.


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