Chris Redd Attack Saga – There is More to the Story

Things in the Chris Redd video are getting interesting as many outlets investigate the story more than just a random assault on an NYC street.

FACTZ broke the story that former SNL star Redd was punched in the face out of nowhere outside the Comedy Cellar on Wednesday night. TMZ then did the story almost 8 hours later, saying it was exclusive. Here is the FACTZ!

  • Chris Redd is now dating his former colleague’s ex-wife, Christina Evangeline.
  • FACTZ has learned that Evangeline has been planting stories at TMZ for years, as she has a close relationship with one of the writers there.
  • Evangeline sent the photo of herself to TMZ to control the narrative of her dating Chris Redd.
  • The article says that Kenan was pleased about it and dating as well. But we know Kenan was not happy about it.
  • A week before the premiere of season 48, it was announced that Chris Redd would not be coming back to the show. It was a weird announcement as all the announcements were already made about who was leaving the show. It was also said he had to work on other projects, but none of them were so significant that he could not do SNL.

Now let’s start with the wild knockout on McDougal Street. Two guys were waiting outside the comedy club. The one was wearing a mask, and not a covid mask. The other guy was wearing sunglasses and seemed suspicious from speaking to sources looking back on the incident. The guy punched Redd in the face and ran off.

Now in TMZ’s story, they made it seem as if there was a maniac on the street that hit him, and also, they tried to go for his chain. Also, in the article, it says somehow, Chris was able to recover the necklace. It just doesn’t add up. We here think that Christina Evangeline is still trying to control the narrative by bringing the attention away from the suspicion that the incident happened because of her.

When we spoke to the police, there was no mention of a necklace snatched. They also didn’t mention brass knuckles, TMZ has said in their story, and are the only ones reporting that part of the story. Again, we know Evangeline talks to TMZ.

The Comedy Cellar advises their staff not to talk to the media because they do not want to be held liable for the incident. Some outlets are trying to save comedians who must be protected after the Will Smith incident. But in this situation, Chris didn’t even go on stage yet, which happened while walking to the club.

The attackers are still on the loose, but there is more to this story, and FACTZ is on it.