Chief Justice John Roberts Pauses Release of Trump Tax Returns to Congress

It’s no secret that former POTUS Donald Trump sincerely hopes that Congress never gets its hands on his tax returns.

Why he’s so determined to keep them away is anyone’s guess, but the Supreme Court just offered him a temporary reprieve.

Chief Justice John Roberts agreed to temporarily put on hold an order from a lower court requiring the release of Trump’s tax returns by the IRS to a Democrat-led House committee. The “administrative stay” issued by Roberts is considered temporary in nature and does not always reflect what the eventual final disposition of the dispute will be.

It’s usually issued when a deadline is rapidly approaching, and the justices want more time to consider an issue before they act.

The returns were originally supposed to be turned over to the House Ways and Means Committee later this week.

Roberts asked for both parties to respond to questions by November 10.


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