Charles Barkley Tells FACTZ He’s ‘Just Talking’ About Joining CNN, his Future is TBD

FACTZ caught up with basketball legend Charles Barkley and asked if rumors were true that he’s headed to CNN.

Barkley confirms that he’s “just talking” at this point, and he isn’t eager to get on TV. But Gayle King is a big motivator for him considering a job with the network.

And as for LIV Golf? That was a quick “no.”

For March Madness, Barkley was confident picking Alabama to win “the whole thing” but acknowledged that there are a couple of sleepers who could give his team a run for their money.

He also shared that he was a little star-struck meeting Denzel Washington – and he really wants to meet Idris Elba.

Barkley then blasted the current college sports system that leaves some kids making bank and others struggling – he said, “I’m glad these kids are making money, but it’s not the best system in the world.”

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