Catfish Alert: Will The Real Adrianna Suchor Please Stand Up – Video

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That being said, a catfish is using Adrianna Suchor’s likeness to steal money from retired veterans.

It’s not just OnlyFan keyboard warriors pretending to be female for tips. Fake Suchor has no fear, and she stalks her prey in broad daylight, using rotary phone techniques to attract older married war vets. The days of the Western Union are not dead.

This catfish is so good she is almost swordfish level as she targets men with PTSD, robbing their government stipends with minimal effort as she promises to meet them “one day.”

How low do you have to be to steal money from the sick? Robbing the poor, blinded men who think they have a shot with a filtered picture of a woman who doesn’t even exist. And to be bold enough to use the same name and the same friends.

It shows how broken our social media society has become.

Fake Suchor doesn’t have a soul to care that her actions are WRONG.

So to save men from this catfish (possible swordfish, depending on your stupidity level to pay for the “I love you” texts), if you receive this video of Fake Suchor claiming her G-Wagon exploded … don’t walk, don’t run, FLY TO MARS before he/she/unknown wipes out your entire bank account.


  • I know of Adrianna she is “dating” my buddy he’s a retired cop. I sent him this and he said he’s paid 40k+ and has never met her. FACTZZZZZ 🤬

  • This is in fact the real Adrianna Suchor Christina running this Catfishing scheme of monumental proportions on vulnerable men with PTSD from Veterans to retired Law Enforcement with PTSD. She knows every detail of the real woman and is adamant she is her as she sends you picture after picture of her from all her Social Media profiles and IG even though she’s a low numbers mere IG model, (didn’t know that was even a real thing) until she tells you all about herself. Photo shop is a tool of the trade for doctoring videos and pictures targeted at you specifically using your name in them. She’s not even close to her contemporaries numbers who triple and quadruple hers. She’s unemployed and fleecing men in the 10’s of thousands to 20’s of thousands left and right leaving a wide swath of lies, fraudulent acts, and egregious evil, rotten, cold, black hearted and soulless lies of loving you and going to meet you, over years, yet never does

    Myself now familiar with working and investigating the Fraudulent Crimes Social Media area, this woman has more victims than you can even begin to count. That’s her only job. Stealing from men with false promises and lies all day and all night through all the Chat Apps out there. Chats being one of her favorites but Telegram and IG DM’s too is where she’ll start with you then take you off of that to the Chats. She uses burner phones while still possessing real working phones beyond just texting. I know so many guys who have fell victim to her and want Justice which is why LA has even spit her out now as she’s fled to Miami to live and escape her many victims in LA and all over. She self-describes her parents disowned her at 18 saying she hates them all as they disowned her. She’s pathologically lying and delusional as well as being the most narcissistic nobody truly in the realm of anybody’s. Her parents she said told her not to go into modeling and the fake world of LA which she’ll claim she came to realize that back in 2019 when she started to consider a break from the profession and LA scene as litigation came up involving her and a model and best friend of hers. She’ll claim she fled modeling having left Aston Models to work for Alice Laura in Dallas Texas completely leaving behind LA. Not true. She’s still in contact and seeks out lucrative and self-benefiting connections solely to provide for her in LA and stays at several residences and friend houses in the area and did not leave LA. She’s not 26 but 30 and is looking it. Notice the weight gain and many filters now used by her narcissistic OCD issue with loving only herself in every mirror there is including the McDonalds Bathroom! This lady is as evil and uncaring as they get. No soul, no heart, no care in the world that she delights in making all her money off of fraudulent opportunities with vulnerable men them not knowing any better and simply being stupid and naive to the ways of the standard IG Model you’ll find all over the social media platforms. They are all looking for Steam cards, Vanilla Visa gift cards, Amazon, American Express, you name it they’ll take it, especially Miss Suchor Christina. She has many cash exchangers for gift cards which is how she operates and tries to distance herself from the gift cards Catfishing fraud of promise to meet and love for gift cards.

    But, she’s making mistake as she’s leaving a trail she can’t cover up now as it’s far too late to do so. The crumbs are now piles of evidence as leads to any investigator worth his salt. Justice is coming for her from so many men now coming out of the word work to report the gift card scams to the authorities. We’re talking Fraud on a monumental level here folks. Just give it a little more time for her victims to come together for prosecution. It’s not going to be pretty in front of a jury that hears how she preyed so heavily on so many men and the already injured and at risk veterans with PTSD, Cops with PTSD, as she promises to love them and make them happy if they just pay for her monthly expenses and her unnecessary wants she says that they fell for. She’ll always claim she’s unemployed and starving. One of her go to tactics to play in your heart and sympathy as you do buy into wanting to help her as they report.

    Yes, I’ve heard of a lot after FACTZ first article about her came out and her model name, Adrianna Christina, became synonymous with predatory fraudulent thief to fleece the vulnerable out of thousands, 10’s of thousands and getting into the hundreds of thousands now.

    She does not care about you in the least bit no matter what she lies about to you and you believe she has any empathy even. No, that’s her mark she’s looking for so beware. So much of her life is fraudulent too. Her Sotheby’s profile claims her dad was a prominent LA Sotheby’s realtor. No, Glenn S, is an LA area sanitation Inspector whom Adrianna hasn’t had contact with in over a decade as well as mom Annette S according to Miss Christina. This woman knows one thing only, lying to obtain money for herself whom is the only person on this planet she loves and cares about! Show her a good time too and she’ll always take it if the event, connection, and money is right.

    That’s right, she only cares, loves, and thinks of her own way over indulgent lifestyle of lear jets, first class, and most expensive everything not simple self-sustenance. No, she robs you blind in the process of gaining huge sums of money for an out of control exuberant self-indulgent life of perception is reality off of you and your money, your trust. And then working on your vulnerabilities which she’s excellent at identifying. Some will claim she doesn’t have the brains yet look at her case still ongoing with her Fraudulent former roommate & still friend she learned from Stefanie Knight, AKA Gurzanski, and the Catfishing and Fraudulent acts she helped SK perpetrate against a man named Stephen Cloobeck. An older and very wealthy connected entrepreneur originating in Las Vegas who still has ongoing litigation against Miss Knight, Miss Adrianna Christina Suchor, and a third woman described as a, “match maker for models for wealthy men’s money.” Miss Suchor Christina knows the Catfishing model inside and out and has had lots of help and practice perfecting her fraudulent scam.

    Makes for an awful ugly reality of the lack of any principle and morality along with ethics amongst young IG models, influencers, etc that are looking to prey upon the vulnerable whether they have much or not. As long a the gift cards flow in, they’ll lie to you to get them in return for nothing really that they promise to you as if a verbal contract even of sorts. This one just happens to be using the false pretense of love to consummate the contract to steal your money blind from you.

    Beware any and all women on social media claiming to be models of some sort yet they are unknowns in the real modeling world to the mainstream American citizen. Some take you slowly along the path to giving gift cards and some have sad stories while others will claim they want to meet you, date you, etc. Don’t listen to any of it and definitely don’t buy in. These ladies all know the Catfishing model well as does Adrianna Christina having it down perfectly and has been using it on so many for so long.

    Investigation continues as new victims surely come forward with a paper trail of evidence.

  • Yes, I too was a victim with firsthand knowledge myself. And, if you think this is a long and all encompassing statement of my experience with the IG models Catfishing Fraud and this woman, no! It’s just the tip of the iceberg folks. I could easily fill the pages in this site with factual event after event with my own paper trail and notations over a long drawn out Fraudulent scam perpetrated on me under very similar circumstances as many others I’m sure.

    Stand-by. We’re just getting started with unveiling the seedy and incredible depth of fraudulent acts occurring relevant to the authors topic. Social Media is never, I repeat never to be trusted upon meeting blindly a person whom jumps on the opportunity to see your vulnerabilities and their opportunities at riches obtained under truly false pretenses.

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