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Dana White’s ‘Power Slap’ Show Cuts Ties with TBS, Moving to Online Platform

“Power Slap: Road to the Title” has broken up with TBS. “Power Slap” Season 1 ran eight episodes on TBS that started January 18, and averaged 293K viewers per episode and showed a reality series glimpse behind the curtain of Read More…


When UPS Drivers Attack – Dana White’s Power Slap League is a Viral Hit (Literally)

Instagram is buzzing over last night’s Power Slap League Kumite tournament, much like how UFC started as a death battle. The PSL doesn’t seem to have real rules. It’s slapping another man unprotected until he is concussed. Sounds athletic? Fmr Read More…


Fmr Nevada Athletic Commission Chairman Regrets Sanctioning Slap Fights

The popularity of the new Power Slap League is growing rapidly. As Dana White’s UFC starts to lose steam, White is focusing on the next “great thing” with the PSL. But it’s not without controversy. Power Slap involves two people Read More…


Steiny Slaps Gabe Poncio in One of the Meanest Acts of Human Cruelty to a Heavier Brazilian Man

The Full Send crew was in Las Vegas yesterday to help promote the Power Slap League … or, as my mind thinks, “UPS drivers reliving their youth.” As you can see by Steiny (Aaron Steinberg) and Gabe Poncio’s athlete physique, Read More…


Eddie Hearn Tells FACTZ that Power Slap League Frightens Him

FACTZ caught up with British sports promoter Eddie Hearn, and he shared his thoughts on Dana White’s newest big sport: Power Slap League. Hearn pulled no punches (or slaps) over his thoughts on Power Slap League, saying that the concept Read More…


Power Slap League Should Be Renamed to Power Death League – Another Contestant Goes Down Convulsing and Rushed to Emergency Attention

FACTZ was informed another PSL contestant was rushed to the hospital after a vicious slap to the face. We are told, “Medical on staff is on high alert after every slap.” FACTZ is unsure why the mood music is leaning Read More…


Dana White’s Power Slap League Feels too Familiar – First Round and Woman Gets Knocked Out

The PSL created by Dana White has begun. In first-round action in the Women’s lightweight division, a woman has already suffered a concussion. The Power Slap League was pushed back to air on National TV after Dana White slapped his Read More…

Ric Flair Has Our Vote for the PSL – Professional Slap League

Ric Flair has been very vocal lately that he can still beat up people. Well, this got me thinking and since Dana White is a FACTZ fan- Mr. White, please make an old man celebrity division. I would put massive Read More…