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Joe Rogan Says TikTok was ‘Eating Silicon Valley’s Lunch’

Joe Rogan has a very simple explanation as to why Congress is focusing on a ban for TikTok, despite the fact that the app does pretty much the same amount of privacy and safety violating as any other social media Read More…


The Joe Rogan Experience is Hyping World War Three

This viral clip from Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” has everyone tripping out. The bigger question is why America always has to involve itself in other people’s problems. We have so many issues on our soil. So, why Read More…


Jurassic Park is Being Created in Mother Russia

Be ready to take the Siberian express to a new world in 2026. Rumors sparked in the last couple of months that the Woolly Mammoth will return as scientists have already started creating the fetus. The first baby Mammoth will Read More…


David Portnoy Calls Andrew Tate’s Business Practices a “Hustle” – Meaning SCAM – as Joe Rogan Laughs at the “TopG”

David Portnoy finally went on The Joe Rogan Experience. The highly anticipated podcast didn’t disappoint. The two acted like high school buddies and ball-washed each other for hours. But the only part that stood out was their blatant disregard for Read More…