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Diplo Slams All Trendy Miami Nightclubs with No Shoutouts to Hotspots During ULTRA Weekend in Miami

This video has gone viral, not because it helps tourists, but because the famous DJ Diplo refused to name any Groot Hospitality locations, which Miami Beach and Dade County are known for. Instead, he opted to give love to E11even, Read More…


Diplo Tells the World He Might Be Gay and BFF Joan Smalls and Baby Momma Kathryn Lockhart Had “No Idea”

Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, has been on fire lately- performing at Gala Aspen for free, driving an electric motorcycle called Tarform around LA, getting big leagued by Jeff Bezos, and now telling #EmRata; he is gay. Read More…


Diplo Performs for Free at GALA Aspen

Diplo decided to give back to the rich folk in Aspen, Colorado by giving fans a free show last night. FACTZ has learned this was an unannounced pop-up and that is why the club is empty. So please don’t blame Read More…