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‘Outer Banks’ on NETFLIX is Doing Amazing Subliminal Marketing in OZ

FACTZ can confirm that this viral video, getting better traction in the United States, is a FAKE staged video to promote the NETFLIX hit drama ‘Outer Banks.’ We must admit, it’s quite genius and has a Nelk Boys vibe. Kudos Read More…


Krissy Bertone Attacked Will Trying to Film Content

The streets are getting very dangerous for content creators. Krissy Bertone was trying to film some content for her fans and thought the guys she randomly used for her film would respect that Bertone is famous on social media. It Read More…


Ed Sheeran Performs for Sick Kids in OZ

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran visited sick kids at Queensland Children’s Hospital, where his heartwarming performances turned out to be the best medicine. The 32-year-old British star, who is currently in Australia for his Mathematics tour, spent two hours at the Brisbane Read More…

Uber Fined $14M for Lying to Lure Customers Away from Cabs

Australia’s Federal Court has just struck a blow against rideshare company Uber. The company will now have to pay $14 million because it engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct. According to the court, Uber misbehaved in two ways, lying to customers Read More…


Bindi Irwin Pays Sweet Tribute to Dad Steve Irwin on Irwin Day

Last November 15, Australia celebrated Irwin Day – which marks the memory of the beloved Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. This year, 24-year-old daughter Bindi Irwin celebrated her father’s memory by posting a video to social media (and at their park Read More…

Gen-Z Knows Humans are Impacting Climate Change, but Are Unaware of the Role Meat Consumption Plays

Gen-Z is not a generation of science doubters. Skeptics and investigators, absolutely – but not deniers. So they overwhelmingly believe that humans are the main driving force behind climate change. They know that the consumption of fossil fuels, deforestation, and Read More…