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Russia and Belarus are Banned from Ice Hockey’s Next Season

The International Ice Hockey Federation announced on Wednesday that Russia and Belarus are banned from all world championships next season. That includes the women’s event in the US. The announcement comes as a reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Within Read More…


Russian Pop Star who Criticized Vladimir Putin Found Dead from Drowning

Dima Nova (born Dmitry Svirgunov) founded the popular electronic group Cream Soda. He criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s $1.3B mansion in the song “Aqua Disco.” It became a protest anthem in the early days of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. Read More…


UN Court Has Issued an Arrest Warrant for Russian Leader Vladimir Putin

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian president Vladimir Putin and another senior Russian official accused of war crimes. It’s a historic move that heightens international tensions and takes the battle from the ground to the Read More…


Declassified Footage of Russian Fighter Jet Downing American Drone

Dramatic video released by the U.S. military shows a Russian fighter jet downing an American surveillance drone over the Black Sea – despite Russia denying responsibility. The footage, declassified by U.S. European Command, shows the rear propeller of the MQ-9 Read More…


Vladimir Putin Says the West has “Lost Its Mind”

In a recent Federal Council Speech, Russian Vladimir Putin said that the “West has lost its mind.” He says that the West can not ignore the fact that “Russia can never be defeated on the battlefield” and says “that’s why Read More…


Putin Speech Accuses US of Working with ‘Terrorist Nazis’ and ‘the Devil’

In a speech this week as Russia marks a year since their invasion of Ukraine first started, President Vladimir Putin was “raging against America and the West.” In what reporters called a “lengthy and angry speech,” Putin blasted the West Read More…


US Says Russia Has Violated Nuclear Arms Treaty

United States officials accused Russia of violating the New START Treaty. The New START Treaty is the last remnant of post-Cold War nuclear arms control between the two nations. The treaty came into force in 2011, and in 2021 it Read More…


Ukrainian Officials Say Nearly 3,000 Russians Killed in Last Four Days Alone

While it’s no secret that the Russian military has weathered staggering losses in its inch-by-inch invasion of Ukraine, the exact number remains a source of great speculation. But the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has offered a calculation, and it’s horrifying. According Read More…


Putin Launches Missile Attack Targeting Residents During New Years Celebrations

As FACTZ said, President Vladimir Putin is going for it in 2023. 2023 New Year Speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin – “Let’s Do This … Multipolar World Order” With no signs of surrender, Putin sent a message firing 20 Read More…


2023 New Year Speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin – “Let’s Do This … Multipolar World Order”

If you have nine minutes to spare in the New Year, you might want to listen (read subtitles) to what Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is saying. Putin recorded a very serious speech to not only thank his military, but to Read More…