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Nurses in Turkey Put Their Lives on the Line to Save Vulnerable babies During Earthquake

Nurses in Turkey are textbook definitions of heroes after they risked their lives to save vulnerable babies under their care in incubators during massive earthquakes earlier this month. On February 6, a series of mammoth earthquakes struck south-eastern Turkey near Read More…


Survivors of Turkey’s Earthquake Can Hear Victims Under Rubble – But They Can’t Save Them

Turkey and Syria were rocked by massive 7.8-magnitude earthquakes early this week and hundreds of aftershocks. The death toll has surpassed 11,000, making it the deadliest earthquake in the past decade. And the horror on the ground continues for survivors, Read More…


Turkey Declares 3-month State of Emergency After Apocalyptic Earthquakes

Over the weekend and early this week, Turkey was rocked by a massive 7.8-magnitude quake and was rocked with hundreds of aftershocks, including many high-magnitude ones. The death toll is well over 5,100 by now and is expected to climb. Read More…


Second Massive Earthquake Strikes Turkey after Killing More than Two Thousand in Turkey, Syria

Early Monday local time, Turkey and Syria were rocked by a mammoth earthquake measuring about 7.8 on the Richter Scale. It struck just north of Aleppo, in the region of Gaziantep. Conservative estimates place the death toll at well over Read More…


120 People Killed in 7.8-Magnitude Earthquake

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake has hit the Turkey-Syrian border- the┬álargest quake to hit Turkey in over a century. Buildings at the border have fallen in devestation, and 76 people are confirmed dead on the Turkish side alone with over 500 people Read More…