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Take Paris Off Your Summer Vacation Plans

The rats have taken over (literally), the sanitation engineers have gone on strike for their pensions issues, and garbage is not piling up in Paris, France. The entire city smells, and the only ones helping to clean the streets from Read More…


Emily Ratajkowski is Tearing Through Men – New Public Relationship with Harry Styles, Video of French Kiss

FACTZ can confirm the public French kiss from Harry Styles was to Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo. They must be in love as they held hands firmly in the kiss. #EmRata, who hates men and thinks they are all trash is Read More…


Russia and Belarus are Banned from Ice Hockey’s Next Season

The International Ice Hockey Federation announced on Wednesday that Russia and Belarus are banned from all world championships next season. That includes the women’s event in the US. The announcement comes as a reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Within Read More…


Ship Owned by Estate of Microsoft Co-Founder Topples Over, Injuring 25 People

25 people were injured (and 15 sent to the hospital) this week after a massive ship owned by the state of billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen fell over in heavy winds in a Scottish Dry dock. Allen was best known Read More…


Russian Pop Star who Criticized Vladimir Putin Found Dead from Drowning

Dima Nova (born Dmitry Svirgunov) founded the popular electronic group Cream Soda. He criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s $1.3B mansion in the song “Aqua Disco.” It became a protest anthem in the early days of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine. Read More…


Kim Kardashian Has Left the Cold of London for the Love in Paris

Kim Kardashian at Parc des Princes Stadium Paris, France, with none of her children. As we said earlier, Kim Kardashian really wants a real footballer, not an MLS C-list soccer player. Here she is, looking happy as hell at the Read More…


The Misery Kim Kardashian London Tour Continued This Past Weekend

Kim Kardashian, who is trying to land a footballer as her next husband, still looks grumpy as hell. FACTZ wonders if it’s a Kanye West issue or if Kardashian finally hit the emotional reality of her third divorce. It’s a Read More…


Lizzo Performing at O2 Arena Leaving Nothing to the Imagination

FACTZ always wondered if Lizzo had a tattoo. I guess that answers that. The office pool is officially over. Lizzo is on tour, and here she is last night performing at the O2, and we wanted to share the amazing Read More…


Kim Kardashian Looks Miserable in London

Kim Kardashian is across the pond and has already adapted to the emotions of a true Brit. The Queen of America gave no fucks as she embraced her smug style, and as you can see, she is not a London Read More…


UN Court Has Issued an Arrest Warrant for Russian Leader Vladimir Putin

The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian president Vladimir Putin and another senior Russian official accused of war crimes. It’s a historic move that heightens international tensions and takes the battle from the ground to the Read More…