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Meredith Duxbury Stands With TikTok – “This Ban is Really Unfair”

One of the biggest makeup influencers, Meredith Duxbury, known for her cement foundation techniques, has finally voiced her opinion on the American Government banning TikTok. In a new #GRWM Duxbury breaks down the following reasons she is upset: TikTok saved Read More…


Meredith Duxbury Is Not What We Think

This hurts my heart. As everyone knows, I’m a huge Meredith Duxbury fan, but our stats team at FACTZ is telling me to pump the breaks on the foundation. Here is the good Duxy breakdown: 1.4 million followers on Instagram Read More…


With Movies Not Bringing Any Excitement, Red Carpets are Now Relying on Content Creators

The struggling film business is doing ANYTHING to bring people back to the theaters. Movie studios are finally embracing social media influencers and putting 50% of their marketing budgets behind them, especially micros. FACTZ has learned that production for red Read More…


Meredith Duxbury Issues GRWM #FoundationChallenge to Skeptical Fans

Like most things people see on the internet, fans of Meredith Duxbury’s fiery #GRWM series are skeptical. Some fans have apparently accused the influencer of cutting the camera and redoing her makeup before showing the final product. Still, it’s hard Read More…


Meredith Duxbury Was the Star at the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

The Marc Jacobs Fashion show was all the buzz in NYC last night; some of the biggest names attended, and even Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon couldn’t get in. But one person was the talk of the show, and it wasn’t Read More…


Meredith Duxbury’s GRWM Spills the Tea on Her Love Life

Makeup influencer Meredith Duxbury brings her bright personality and intense style to TikTok daily for a #GWRM series that spills the tea on many aspects of her life. One of her new videos spills the tea on something everyone’s curious Read More…


Meredith Duxbury is Giving Courtney Stodden PTSD Vibes

The beauty of Meredith Duxbury minus makeup glam is stunning. I give her an 8.112738 without makeup and a 6.001762 with the “full glam” face. And this isn’t me being rude; she is a very gorgeous woman. And I hope Read More…


Meredith Duxbury Doesn’t Care What You Think

FACTZ is team Meredith Duxbury; her swagger is legitimate. Duxy explains the reason she goes full forcefield is to hide her freckles. And that she has never been to Nobu. She is not full glam for views … this has Read More…


By the Numbers, Meredith Duxbury is Far and Away the Top Producers of Makeup Sales

Move over, Jeffree Star. There is a new sheriff in town … FACTZ debuted Meredith Duxbury last week, and she is STILL our top traffic producer. Meaning her social media numbers are legit. She is not bot-based but moves the needle Read More…


Meredith Duxbury is Getting Backlash for Her Makeup – “She Doesn’t Need It”

After FACTZ’s post this morning of Meredith Duxbury, people were shocked that a woman as beautiful as Duxbury would layer so much makeup. The Queen of Cake, Makeup Influencer Meredith Duxbury is Famous For Her Layers FACTZ spoke with two Read More…