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Logan Paul Likely Scrambling to Avoid Legal Nightmare

In a new video, Logan Paul is promising wholeheartedly to deliver CryptoZoo to customers. But it’s probably more than just a despite to see the project finished that has Paul scrambling to get a product in consumer hands: he may Read More…

Logan Paul Apologizes Again – “Coffeezilla is Not a Criminal”

Another day, another apology from Logan Paul. This time he’s paying people back for their love. Paul went from defense to offense real quick in 2023. He even called his arch-nemesis Coffeezilla to apologize personally. Logan Paul Says CryptoZoo Isn’t Read More…


Logan Paul’s Apology Video for Ditching his Pet Pig Pearl

Logan Paul has been on the daily apology tour in 2023. FACTZ has received his official apology video for leaving his pet pig, Pearl, to fight for her life in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. The internet and PETA Read More…


Logan Paul Gets Another L in 2023

Logan Paul is under the gun today for kicking his pet pig, Pearl, to the curb. Well, more like a random bush. As Jovita explains— this is worse than his CryptoZoo scandal. Pearl was found in an abandoned field with Read More…


Logan Paul Threatens Coffeezilla with Lawsuit over CryptoZoo Scam Accusations

YouTuber Logan Paul and Coffeezilla (Stephen Findeisen) have been battling it out over CryptoZoo for weeks. Coffezilla accused Paul of scamming people by pushing CryptoZoo. Paul fought back. And now, he’s considering fighting back legally. Paul says that Findeisen is Read More…


Logan Paul Makes Video to Vindicate Himself from CryptoZoo “Scam” – Threatens Lawsuit to CoffeeZilla for Damaging His Reputation

Logan Paul finally lashes out at CoffeeZilla for claiming Paul has scammed millions of his fans from his company CryptoZoo. Paul, who refused to discuss the topic citing legal reasons, endured massive backlash from fans on Twitter created by the Read More…


Logan Paul Calls Andrew Tate a Fraud

Now that the #Tate brothers were arrested for who knows what … the Paul brothers have all the ammunition they need to win the war. Video of Andrew Tate’s Villa Raided by Romanian Authorities Logan Paul, who claims Andrew Tate Read More…