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‘A Day in the Life’ of an NYC Local Involves How to Avoid Looking like a Zoo Animal

Hallie Batchelder is sharing what it’s like to be Gen Z in NYC- a day in her life (as a “stupid unemployed bitch”) with fans as she hops out and about in NYC. Hallie’s day starts with a little wake Read More…


Why is Hallie Batchelder Always Hungover, Fans Are Concerned About Her Drinking

My favorite influencer Hallie Batchelder confirmed on her social media that she is the real deal. Batch calls out the haters like Becky and User2927456910 and says if you think my generation is “fucked” then “block me.” The Batch is Read More…


Hallie Batchelder Might Have a ‘KiKi on the River’ Baby – Takes Pregnancy Test After Miami Bender

FACTZ doesn’t know if we should commend Hallie Batchelder for her vulgar honesty or yell at her for sleeping with a random dude at KiKi (Miami club). For the record, Batch is my new spirit animal. I’m obsessed with her Read More…


Influencer Tells Women to Date Older Men: ‘Daddy Season’ is Open

Influencer Hallie Batchelder took to TikTok to drop some wisdom for women looking for love: date older men. According to Batchelder, “Daddy season has commenced.” The influencer says it’s not just about money with older men (“although it doesn’t hurt”), Read More…


Hallie Batchelder Keeps it Real – Discusses the Line in the Sand Between Relationships

The swag on Hallie Batchelder is rockets (learned that word from my 18-year-old assistant). “Rockets” is like saying something is “fire” (you cannot say fire anymore, that’s for old people). And if you say “rad” or “awesome,” that’s full creep-mode Read More…