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Emily Wilson’s ‘Pronouns Rant’ Hits Seven Million Views on Twitter in Four Days

Emily Wilson is on the verge of cancellation or breakthrough. Her ride-along videos have been extremely controversial to the left, and now she is under a viral attack for her ‘pronouns’ video. FACTZ is not condoning her behavior and is Read More…


Emily Wilson Better Known As ‘Emily Saves America’ is a Danger on the Road

The hot new (not) political voice for the younger generation is getting a little too cocky. Fans noticed Emily Wilson driving in Los Angeles yesterday with no focus on the road and 100% focus on Waffles (her dog). As you Read More…


Emily Wilson Is Trending Purple – “People Like Me Don’t Have a Voice”

FACTZ introduced Emily Wilson this week, which we believe is the middle. After doing more of a deep dive, she even admits, “why can’t we promote middle voices?” in a viral TikTok video. We also caught some shots of Emily Read More…


Emily Wilson Drops the FACTZ on LA’s Downfall and the Lie of Feminism

FACTZ caught up with up-and-coming star Emily Wilson, and she shared her thoughts on Los Angeles’ homeless problem, as well as the lie of feminism. She is rapidly becoming a voice for Gen Z in the political sphere of California. Read More…


Emily Wilson Goes on a Los Angeles Waiter Rant – Calls Out Failing Actors

The new it girl on social media, Emily Wilson, loses it today on the service industry. In a video she posted on Instagram she held nothing back! Wilson is fed up with LA waiters and waitresses not doing their jobs. Read More…


Emily Wilson tells Women in Los Angeles to Put Down their Phones

Emily Wilson is on fire. She took to social media with an observation and suggestion for women in Los Angeles: put down the phone. In a new video, Wilson explains that she almost feels bad for guys because when you Read More…