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Ben Shapiro Tries to Shame Becca Moore Over ‘The Icks’

Ben Shapiro has an extraordinarily high opinion of himself and apparently feels his time is best spent coming for TikTok influencers like Becca Moore. Moore recently released a TikTok video discussing “the icks” around dating and the “most important man Read More…


Becca Moore Gets ‘the Ick’ From All These Habits Guys Have

Influencer Becca Moore is sharing what gives her “the ick” about guys that want to date her. First of all, if you’re younger – even by a few months – you’re out. Don’t hold your drink wrong, and don’t obey Read More…


Becca Moore as a Waitress Did Not Work Out Because She Was Vegan

FACTZ is a diehard Becca Moore supporter; her vision of the world and her life experiences with men are the best. Moore recently gave a behind-the-scenes server breakdown of when she actually gave people food, like a real person job. Read More…


Becca Moore says Crazy ‘Love Bombers’ Have a Point

Influencer Becca Moore is talking about the concept of love bombing – and the fact that it actually works. She asked herself how her last crazy relationship even happened; “How did that guy get me to date him? Oh, he Read More…


Becca Moore Discovers that People Move On

It’s completely tongue-in-cheek, but one of Becca Moore’s latest TikTok videos is a bittersweet and funny reminder of what it feels like to discover that your exes have moved on. We like to think that we leave a huge hole Read More…


Becca Moore Tells FACTZ – “Leonardo DiCaprio Should Go to Jail” For Dating a 19-Year-Old

FACTZ caught up with one of our favorite influencers, Becca Moore, outside Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood. We drilled Moore on her Super Bowl skills and she deflected using the “girl” card. However, she did know Joe Burrow (like all Read More…


Becca Moore Shares the Red Flags She Missed with her Toxic Ex

“For the Girls” podcaster and influencer Becca Moore took to TikTok this week to share all the red flags she missed with a toxic ex. And they’re pretty bad. Becca Moore describes huge red flag levels of emotional abuse and Read More…