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Giving the Middle Finger in Canada is a ‘God-Given Right’

A Canadian just has ruled in favor of flipping the bird. So FACTZ is removing our ‘blur’ from the #FauciFinger – If Canada believes in the finger, Melisa Rein-Lively believes in the finger, and Maverick from Top Gun (OG) believes Read More…


The Canadian “Super Pig” Has Discovered America

Who would have thought the biggest threat to humans would be a pig. Wild pigs have been a major threat to livestock and crops in Northern America. The issue is, these aren’t American pigs! The pigs are invading from Canada! Read More…

Florist Explains How Gen Z Sends Love Messages

As we enter the new world, there are still some traditions of love that will not go away, like sending flowers to someone who is your sweetie. This Montreal florist shares the behind-the-scenes messaging that the younger generation (Gen Z) Read More…