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FACTZ Confirms that Alix Earle is On Pace to Graduate College

There has been speculation that Alix Earle is not doing well in school and is constantly missing class this senior year because of her fame. FACTZ has confirmed with Alix Earle’s team that she is still on pace to graduate. Read More…


Trouble in Paradise for Former BFFs Xandra Pohl and Alix Earle

A one-sided relationship is brewing in the influencer world, and it’s the former BFFs from the University of Miami are now side-eyeing each other. Xandra Pohl, who was the OG to bring TikTok forward at ‘the U’ was a DJ Read More…


Alix Earle Gets Mobbed by Fans After Exiting the Miami Heat Basketball Game

Hometown hero of Miami, Alix Earle, was not only able to run onto the court during the University of Miami victory but also tried to sneak out of the Miami Heat game through a back entrance, which didn’t work. Earle, Read More…


Alix Earle’s “Day In My Life” is Making Big Bucks for the University of Miami

FACTZ can confirm Alix Earle is not looking for a “clawback” scholarship from the University of Miami. The school has seen a 50% increase in applications thanks to Earle’s showcasing of the campus and her “Day In My Life” on Read More…


Alix Earle GRWM Ahead of ‘YOLO’ Boat Party

Alix Earle takes followers for a ride on a #GRWM ahead of a nighttime Miami boat party. She explains that they’ve been burning the candle at both ends recently, but it’s the whole “YOLO” mentality, and they assume they won’t Read More…


Alix Earle Explains Her School Outfit as “Conservative”

Alix Earle is getting heat for her class wardrobe.  Some have found her outfit very sexual and too revealing for class at the University of Miami. Earle has a very opposite view, “we are trashy over here.” She explained how Read More…


Alix Earle is Banned from Commenting on TikTok – Does GRWM to Explain her Dungeon Room

Alix Earle has broken TikTok. This past week her account failed to load for 24 hours, and people lost their shit. TikTok recovered her account, but now she is banned from responding to her fans (commenting). Yes, China is being Read More…


Alix Earle Gets Married in One of the Largest Frat Weddings in University of Miami History

What a year for Alix Earle. In 2023 she has become a millionaire, has celebrity friends, made her pro-baseball boyfriend look like a tool nationally, and has a fake wedding just for fun (because she can). And it’s only January. Read More…