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SDSU Woman Shares Warning After ‘Creepy’ Man Tried to Enter Her House

An SDSU student is trying to share her plight with others in San Diego in the hope that they can keep themselves safe after a close call. @elliguacamole took to TikTok to share her harrowing experience after a fun night Read More…


Drunk San Diego State University Students Caught on Camera Disrespecting Hot Dog Street Vendor

In the act of racial abuse, a group of young SDSU students attacked the livelihood of a street hot dog vendor. As you can see, the women harassed and stole hot dogs straight from the grill. They throw the food Read More…


Paulina Darby Spitting the FACTZ on San Diego State University

Our last post over the weekend with Liv Schmidt of the University of Arizona went viral; now she is famous for trashing her school … that means other women want to be famous for discussing their school. So now we Read More…


Sorority Dance Wars: AXO at San Diego State University

UCLA has won two in a row with an easy win versus Kappa’s Iowa State. Make sure you vote for your favorite. I will be scaling on a ten-point system- ten being the best score you can achieve. My track Read More…