Captain Josh Harris Cut from Discovery’s Deadliest Catch After Bombshell Factz Report Uncovers Horrific Pedo Past

Captain Josh Harris of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch has been let go from the long-running series.

RadarOnline reports, “Discovery Confirmed they will be cutting Josh Harris from Deadliest Catch after a bombshell report revealed shocking sex assault allegations against the TV captain.

FACTZ first broke the story that Harris was arrested in 1998 for a horrifying incident where a then-15 or 16-year-old Harris raped a 4-year-old girl. RadarOnline reports, “’We’ve been made aware of this issue. Josh will not appear in future episodes of this series,” a representative tells Radar.

“According to FACTZ, Harris allegedly digitally, vaginally, and orally raped a 4-year-old girl more than 20 years ago. The report said the child was the daughter of a neighbor and deckhand.”

Harris was said to be age 15 or 16 at the time and his semen was ‘found at the scene of the crime. Washington State court records show that Harris was linked to the rape through DNA evidence found at the scene, but other horrifying evidence was collected as well. Also found at the scene was bloodlocated on the pillow on the bed, the sheet on the bed and a location on the floor next to the bed.

DNA processing of the evidence was delayed, so Harris was not arrested until 1999 – where he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of assault 4 and immoral communication with a minor. Harris served 9 months and underwent a psychosexual exam as part of his sentence.

The court documents are a matter of public record, and it begs the question – how the fuck did Discovery drop the ball on this? Do they not screen the people they’re about to elevate to superstardomand then expose to thousands of fans looking to get close to their on-screen idols?

Clearly not. But with Harris’s secrets exposed, this sort of horrifying crime can’t stay hidden in the shadows forever. He won’t be in new episodes, says Discovery – he never should have appeared in any episodes, but better late than never. Another win for FACTZ.


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