California Gas Prices Soar Again Over $6.40 a Gallon, but Relief is Coming

In most places across the country, gas prices have been steadily falling.

However, California continues to see painfully high prices at the pump, with the greater Los Angeles area averaging $6.49 for regular gas.

In some places in Southern California, prices are more than $8.00 a gallon.

But there is hope in sight.

This week, prices for gasoline sold by refineries dropped by as much as $1.25 a gallon from recent highs, and they could be falling more soon, according to industry analyst Patrick De Haan with GasBuddy.

De Haan explained to USA Today this week that the most significant factor likely bringing down prices was California Gov Gavin Newsom directing state air regulators to permit oil refineries to switch to producing a cheaper “winter blend” a month earlier than usual.

Summer blend produces less smog but costs more.

Some Californians may already see the impact of Newsom’s directive with lower prices through the end of the week, with more to come.

California’s prices have diverged steeply from national prices, and many Californians are demanding answers, which are slow to come.


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