Brianna Chickenfry and Steiny Have a True Love Connection

There is no denying the chemistry between Brianna Chickenfry and Steiny of Nelk. In a new episode of One Night With Steiny, Steiny buys Brianna a bracelet valued at $4,000. This is nothing new for Steiny, who is known for buying love. His show has a 2023 budget of $500k for female gifts for his guests. So Brianna got the short end of the stick (pun intended).

The episode is fire as Brianna Chickenfry does come out of the closet, explaining how she was gay in College and is trying to get back to her lesbian roots, but her current boyfriend will not let her.

This is not a problem for Steiny, as he plans to steal Chickenfry from her current relationship and free her would to have open relations.