UPDATED: Nelk Boys’ Kyle Forgeard Comes Out Swinging Against Bob Menery’s ‘Lies’ – Dana White Responds

After Bob Menery was fired from the Nelk Boys, all parties seemed to retreat to their corners and stay quiet about the split for the most part.

Until Menery started blasting his former colleagues and employers, accusing them of not paying him and generally bad-mouthing them. He also said that he was the one who brought all the guests to their channel and podcast.

Forgeard is now clapping back, breaking down the lies and explaining exactly what he got wrong – and he was emotional about having to do it because he once considered Bob one of his best friends.

In a multi-part series of Instagram stories, Forgeard explained (in brief):

  • “I don’t do the social media drama shit, that’s seriously not my thing. But with all the shit Bob has been lying about on social media, he’s pretty much backed me into a corner now.”
  • “First things first, Bob is saying on social media that we owe him money. That is a complete lie.” Forgeard explains that Bob earned $1.2M in 10 months on the show – receiving 30% of ad revenue, $7.5K per episode, 50% of podcast merch and all expenses covered by Fullsend.
  • “Another thing I want to talk about is Bob saying he built the show, he got the guests … the vast majority of guests were got by Fullsend.” He then showed a slide that breaks down who brought which guests to the podcast, and Bob’s list was significantly smaller than the team’s.
  • Trying to avoid implicating Bob as an erratic drug user, Kyle dances around saying exactly what he’s referring to (the drugs), he says that he personally draws the line when someone’s “play hard” mentality interferes with their career.

It marks the first time Forgeard has come out swinging against his former bestie.


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