UPDATED: Bob Menery Claps Back at Kyle Forgeard After Nelk Boys’ Founder Slams Menery’s ‘Lies’

It’s another round in the back-and-forth between Kyle Forgeard and Bob Menery, two of Nelk Boys’ most famous members.

Forgeard took to Instagram not long ago to blast Menery for what he called “lies,” including the allegation that Nelk Boys and Fullsend owed him money, and that he was the one to bring guests to the show.

Forgeard, who has remained mostly silent in public since Menery was fired, was methodic in breaking down how Menery’s accusations were untruthful, finally fed up with his former best friend’s accusations.

Now, Menery is clapping back (again) and had this to say on Instagram:

“It’s actually really comical that he could even try to spin this … I will resort to this.”

Menery added, “regardless of how successful the show is … I had a portion of that money, but I was also promised multiple … things that just never came to fruition. It was danced around for months and months and months. At the same time, used my name, dragged through the mud, telling people I set up Colby Covington … it was a bold-faced lie. I would love to hear him address that.”

Menery continues, “What about Colby and whatever when you went on the internet and told everybody i set up these guys and ruined my reputation? … First of all, his money stuff … that’s bullshit too. FYI. Absolute fucking bullshit. So now that we’re here, we’re here.”

Forgeard has not yet responded.

UPDATE – Kyle Forgeard publicly posts the contract signatures. Is this game over?


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