BREAKING UPDATE: Famed DJ Manager of SKAM Artists, Sujit Kundu Receives Lifetime Ban from all Tao Group Properties for Alleged Sexual Assault

FACTZ has confirmed the famed DJ Manager of the company SKAM Artist, Sujit Kundu, has received a lifetime ban from the DREAM Hotel in Los Angeles and has been “86’d” from all Tao Group properties for allegedly “forcefully groping” Highlight Room (the nightclub on the roof of DREAM Hotel) female employees.

Our source, whom Sujit Kundu assaulted, is in the process of hiring legal counsel to sue the SKAM founder. She is urging other women to come forward to stop Sujit’s “unacceptable behavior.” Sujit is still missing, but some sources say they saw him in a bar drinking this morning. FACTZ can confirm that Sujit’s clients, especially Lil Jon, are unhappy with the situation.

This story is developing if Sujit Kundu surfaces.

Famous DJ Manager Sujit Kundu Missing After 17 Day Bender, Assistant Worried “He Might Be Dead”

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  • This isn’t breaking news! Sujit is known for cornering women when he is intoxicated! I’m shocked #metoo didn’t get him!

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