Kim K and Scott Disick Sued for Scam Lottery

Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick are being sued for pushing a lottery, but plaintiffs believe it was all a scam that turned their private information into cash for an Australian company.

According to the new class action lawsuit released by TMZ, Kardashian and Disick created a lottery where a winner would receive $100K and 2 first-class tickets to Los Angeles, including a 3-night stay in Beverly Hills with a shopping trip in the style of Kardashian herself.

Disick himself allegedly organized it and pushed it on IG, joined by influencers including Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kris Jenner, Kylie, and more.

But the lottery, held in 2020, seems to be a little shady and plaintiffs doubt that prizes were ever delivered – or that the winners were even legitimate people. The lawsuit claims that the real purpose of the lottery was for celebs to work with an Australian company called Curated (also being sued BTW) to sell personal info to advertisers.

The lawsuit claims that when the winners were announced, their IG accounts immediately went private and no proof of delivery of prizes has been shown.

Curated claims it’s all legit, but those who entered the lottery say they’ve been slammed by “hundreds of advertisers, some of which are soliciting the Plaintiffs with potentially offensive and unwanted content.”

The lawsuit is looking for $20M from each defendant.