Kanye West’s Publicist Resigns

Something you knew had to be coming, but Kanye West has just gone through another publicist.

FACTZ has learned as West’s latest rep is “stepping down” as the latest headlines and his latest outbursts have just been too much.

West has had numerous representatives over the years, as it seems he is just a handful, and representing the controversial artist can affect a publicist’s relationship with their other clients.

West’s current Twitter account is locked over an antisemitic tweet posted on Saturday. Instagram has restricted the account of Ye after it removed content after violating its policies.

This all springs from the other headlines made during Paris Fashion Week, where he wore a shirt that said “White Lives Matter.” According to the Anti-Defamation League, the phrase first appeared in 2015 as a racist response to the Black Lives Matter movement. A few days later, West aired private messages with P. Diddy.

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West and his publicist left on good terms, but it seems he is leaning toward the conservative route, which in the entertainment world comes across as very controversial.

The publicist will continue to work with their other clients, such as 50 Cent and Jersey Shore cast members. So if you are scrolling LinkedIn and see a “Looking for Publicist,” be on alert as it may be Kanye; however, the job does come with baggage.


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