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Bradley Martyn Gives FACTZ the Scoop on Steroids in Fitness


Bradley Martyn Gives FACTZ the Scoop on Steroids in Fitness

FACTZ got the steroid 411 from influencer and fitness guru Bradley Martyn of the Full Send Podcast. We asked what he thought about the prevalence of steroids in the fitness world and if Los Angeles has a “steroid problem.”

“I feel like people have been doing this kinda stuff forever.” Now, Martyn believes people have greater awareness and knowledge when it comes to health and fitness.

When asked about Bryce Hall and his use of SARMs instead of steroids, Martyn explains, “That got really popular because it got popular on TikTok with younger kids thinking, ‘I’m taking SARMs, I’m not taking steroids,'” but Martyn explains that you’re essentially doing the same thing to your body.

“All these things that are a gray area, they’re not as researched as, specifically, testosterone … so [people] don’t understand fully what they’re getting themselves into.”

We asked Martyn which social media star takes your breath away in person, but he explained that he isn’t into that scene.

Steiny, however, defaulted to “Madison Beer.” Don’t worry; we asked about Bob Menery. Stay tuned.

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4 months ago

I like how real this keeps it.