Bob Menery In Legal Battle with Ex-Girlfriend Summer Sheekey

Bob Menery is truly the gift that keeps on giving; the gentleman wears his heart on his sleeve and owns it. Menery went on Instagram Live last night to vent his frustration even though his legal team was begging him not to expose Summer Sheekey’s adultery in fear of defamation; however, “truth is a defense.”

Menery, who has been manipulated by Sheekey and was used as a stepping stone, much like how Bradley Martyn uses Nelk to push views and create clout, Sheeky played the same game and kissed every guy around Menery as a bonus.

Menery reached out to FACTZ and stated he would like a sit-down interview with “NO EDITS,” just the FACTZ. He wants to sit down one-on-one with Nik Richie and share his truth.

This FACTZ Podcast by Happy Dad in Las Vegas is developing. We reached out to Summer Sheeky for comment, and she blocked us like a true lady.

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