Blink 182 Ticket Prices Are Breaking Hearts and Wallets Everywhere, and There’s an Insidious Reason

Everyone remembers the concerts of their youth fondly.

It doesn’t matter who you went to see perform; the difference was that those old concerts were affordable (at least relatively).

But tickets for the Blink 182 comeback concerts have fans weeping – and emptying their savings just for a few tickets.

Billboard found tickets running for $600 in some cities. Some ticket seekers have self-reported prices as high as $900 or more.

And there’s a pretty simple reason: Ticketmaster has a monopoly. Ever since the entertainment giant merged with hospitality titan Live Nation, they’ve created a massive company that controls more than their fair share of venues, ticket prices, and even artists themselves.

Aside from controlling too much of the concert-going process, Ticketmaster is also using a method called “dynamic pricing” to make scalping or reselling tickets too much hassle by jacking prices up to the top of their market value.

And things probably won’t get better any time soon. Bands have to combat monopoly pricing by adding more shows until they stop selling out. The more supply, the less fight for demand, and the lower the prices can go. Garth Brooks was one of the first major artists to do that, and it looks like Blink 182 is following suit – tickets are now available for Los Angeles performances, for instance.


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