The Birkin Syndicate is Really the Fake Birkin Syndicate – Thanks to Michelle Braun aka Michelle Berk of Privé Porter

Buyer beware scam- Michelle Braun, best known for selling women to the wealthy, pivoted to Birkin bags. That would be all good if they were real. FACTZ has uncovered Prive Porter’s conversations with a Chinese manufacturer making fake Birkin bags. Braun or Berk, whatever she goes by these days, is the founder and sales master behind Prive Porter.

According to FORBES (France), “Privé Porter founder Michelle Berk is making money moves—if you can’t tell by her Hollywood blowout, just look at her bedazzled, custom Birkins. The style guru—who just made it on the cover of Forbes France—is the premier seller of brand-new Hermès Birkins in the world.”

Yes, the cover above was purchased like the Chinese bags below … con-marketing 101.

Just for confirmation purposes, we have Michelle Berk admitting with her own words- “a person who makes way better bags than the guy in China [above].” Also, does anyone know what Lana’s last name is? We have a long road of crime to battle here … we must defeat the Birkin Syndicate, and who knew Western Union was still a thing? If I had to guess … cash is going to a small village outside of Wuhan.


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