Billionaire Alki David Confronts His Arch Nemesis Gloria Allred in Malibu

The manifestation Gods shined on Alki David today.

Alki David and Gloria Allred were randomly in the same shopping center in Malibu today.

David, who noticed the masked Allred parked by CVS, jumped into action as he recorded her while telling his truth.

David tells FACTZ, β€œIt was purely coincidental. I was at the Vitamin Bar getting a shake, and she was at CVS buying depends. God is good.”

The video is intense as Allred fake trips and holds her hip desperately, looking for someone to help her. Nobody comes to her aid as David unleashes like he was at a confessional in church. Watch Alki David Confront his arch nemesis Gloria Allred in Malibu in the video.


  • This is incredible. Finally someone confronted her. Gloria has been using #metoo to extort anyone with money.

  • Gloria Allred is part of an organized criminal mafia that blackmails, extorts, and murders victims.
    Dig deeper into Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom and you will find dirty connections to the Clintons and Epstein.

    State Bar of California needs to immediately disbar Allred and Bloom. They are serial criminals and need to be charged with RICO 186.2 (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) on both a Federal and state level.

    “Racketeering crimes are criminal activities in which an organization or a person participates in a ‘racket.’ This takes place when the criminal creates a problem for others for the purpose of solving that problem by some kind of extortion.”

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