‘Big Brother’ Irony: Former Contestant is Creeping People Out on TikTok by Feeling On his Little Sister

If the universe creates irony, it delivered a whopper in former “Big Brother” contestant Antonio Medugno.

The emotional former contestant is also a model and has been building up quite the following on TikTok with his thirst traps and dance moves.

The only problem is Big Brother is getting creepy with his Little Sister – and followers have taken notice.

In several videos, Medugno is seen grabbing at and dancing on his minor sister, who internet sleuths say is a 13-year-old.

The girl looks young and while her dress might occasion comments from some, it’s her brother’s creepy behavior that has all the eyebrows raised.

In one video, the shot starts zooming in close on the little girl’s chest before it pans out and shows Medugno holding her possessively. In several videos, they dance together, and he appears to grind on her. In one video, his hand brushes across her buttocks.

In another video, his twin brother joins him, and they sandwich the girl between them in embraces that don’t look particularly brotherly.

While the comments are filled with people asking WTF, Medugno has purposefully not addressed any of the controversies and seems happy to keep racking up views as people tune in to cringe at the trainwreck that is their relationship.

Where are her parents? Is he just a brother with no boundaries? Does she need help?

Medugno seems to be enjoying the questions and is in no hurry to provide answers.


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